Access your Subsonic server from your Mac

Soundwaves - Subsonic client

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Available on the Mac App Store

Soundwaves on iPhone 6

Distraction-free Subsonic client

Soundwaves is a lean Subsonic client which focuses on simplicity, making it the ideal companion app to listen to your music collection from your Mac. The app is built on the playlist, without unneeded distractions.

Following the playback

All of your music, always with you

Stream music from your own server. Wherever you are, your music is with you.

Subsonic-compatible media servers

Plays well with others

Soundwaves is not that picky about the media server you decide to use: if you prefer Ampache or Madsonic (just a couple of examples), it’s fine by us! 🙂

As long as the server supports the same REST API, Soundwaves will work with it.