Tablatures is a guitar & bass tablature editor for Mac, compatible with PowerTab. It can also import Guitar Pro 3-6 files.


Guitar/bass tablature editor for macOS

Whether you’re a guitarist in search of a tool to write your music with, a teacher or a student, Tablatures will help you.

Using Tablatures

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Tablatures on the Mac App Store

Tablatures is compatible with the popular PowerTab, a well-known and widely adopted tablature editor for Windows systems. Thus you can share your music even with those members of your band that don’t own a Mac! Moreover, you can easily find thousands of song transcriptions in this format on the net. Tablatures can also import most GuitarPro 3-5 tabs and GuitarPro 6-7 tabs in the .gpx and .gp formats.
Following the playback

Improve your playing

The tabs you create can be exported in MIDI format and during playback you can follow the tab on screen to make it easier to learn tracks.

Chord Dictionary

Try new chords

The included chord dictionary contains more possible voicings than you’ll ever use. And if you really want to add a new one… well, you can 🙂

Setting up a banjo tablature

Not just guitars!

Scores for other fretted instruments are not a problem. Banjo? Ukulele, anyone?
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Try it

Still in doubt? Feel free to check out a demo version.

For those about to rock…

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