Wiz Solitaire for iPad

Wiz Solitaire is the ideal game for all your relax moments, wherever you and your iPad are.

Containing more than 25 kinds of solitaire, including the usual classics like Klondike, Free Cell, Spider…, it will grant you endless hours of fun. Perfect to while the time away while waiting for your dentist appointment, or to endure those looong presentations at work without falling to sleep. 🙂

Wiz Solitaire contains everything you’d expect: an easy-to-access Undo button for those “Oops, I didn’t mean that” moments, description of each game’s rules, detailed statistics for those who really need to know how many times they won at Spider… If you already know the Mac OS X version, you’ll find the same experience on the iPad.

Visit the App Store now to get your Wiz Solitaire for iPad