Soundwaves 2.16

Soundwaves 2.16 has been released on the App Store and Mac App Store.

This version improves the startup time and fixes a problem that prevented it from working with servers that don’t support token authentication (which is a more secure way of passing credentials to the servers, quite important if you’re not using https), such as the Music app for NextCloud/OwnCloud.

Soundwaves for iOS product page

Soundwaves for macOS product page

2 Comments for “Soundwaves 2.16”

Maikel Stuijfzand


Since this update Soundwaves does not remember my setting (shuffle whole playlist) after I close the app and restart it. In the past it was working fine (it was remembered after close).

BTW, how can I go to the next song (in shuffle mode) when I have the app open?

Thanks for the nice app!



thanks for letting me know, I’ll look into it (in the past 2 releases, playlist management has been reworked a lot to support the new CarPlay APIs of iOS 14+. This probably fell through a crack 😉

When in shuffle mode, you can go to a new random track using the “next” button in the lock screen (on iPhone/iPad) or music menu bar (Mac), or any other similar control depending on your device (e.g. media keys on keyboard, buttons on earphones, car controls…)