Soundwaves 1.40

Soundwaves 1.40 is out on the App Store.

This release brings these changes:

  • There’s a new option to show local notifications when a song starts and Soundwaves is in backgroud
  • Folder contents won’t be sorted alphabetically if there are subfolders, as long as the folder contains a single album

Soundwaves 1.35

Soundwaves 1.35 is out on the App Store.

This release includes the following changes:

  • When playing random tracks, the next/previous commands will now jump to a random playlist entry
  • If you’ve configured multiple music directories in Subsonic, you’ll be able to view the indexes for a specific one

Soundwaves 1.34

Soundwaves 1.34 has been released on the App Store.

The audio and streaming engine has been rewritten from scratch trying to keep a low energy impact. Battery should last longer than with previous versions, especially when you’re not connected via WiFi. Also, audio will restart automatically after an interruption (e.g. due to Siri or an incoming call).

Last but not least, there’s a brand new icon 🙂

Soundwaves on the App Store

By the way, did you know that you can also play FLAC tracks on iOS 11? 🙂