Tablatures 1.30

A new release of Tablatures is now available.

This update includes several changes:

  • An option to automatically insert barlines has been added among the preferences. If enabled, barlines will be automatically inserted when you add a note that exceeds the duration of a bar, i.e.:
    Adding a new note now will result in a barline being automatically inserted (click to enlarge)
  • Print has been tweaked to exploit the full printable area.
  • Floating texts can be removed by dragging them out of the score.
  • Pressing the alt key while starting to move a floating text will clone it.
  • Pressing the shift key while moving a floating text will keep it aligned to its original position.
  • Banjo tunings available in the Choose Tuning list have been revised.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to toggle pick stroke signs have been added (k for downwards pick strokes, K for upwards ones).