Soundwaves 1.34

Soundwaves 1.34 has been released on the App Store.

The audio and streaming engine has been rewritten from scratch trying to keep a low energy impact. Battery should last longer than with previous versions, especially when you’re not connected via WiFi. Also, audio will restart automatically after an interruption (e.g. due to Siri or an incoming call).

Last but not least, there’s a brand new icon 🙂

Soundwaves on the App Store

By the way, did you know that you can also play FLAC tracks on iOS 11? 🙂

Soundwaves 1.31

Soundwaves 1.31 has been released on the App Store.

This version fixes some stability problems when occurred in the previous release (unless you chose to remove ads). Also, it improves the information reported to the system about the current song, so it’ll show correctly the author, for instance, on your car display when streaming via Bluetooth.

Introducing Infinity Outrun 1.0

Infinity Outrun 1.0 is being published on the iOS App Store.

It’s a new little casual game which will let you explore an infinite universe, trying to escape from its dangers.
Infinity Outrun on iPhone
The gameplay is simple: rotate your iPhone (or iPad) to change the bearing of your space ship, avoid the dangers (red dots), make sure you collect enough fuel (blue dots) on the way and try to be the fastest pilot that travels the most distance. 🙂

The game is currently free to play for everyone, please let us know if you like it.

Available on the App Store