Soundwaves 2.1

Soundwaves 2.1 is now available on the App Store.

This release includes support for iOS 13, adopting its Dark Mode setting. Also, you can now download your playlist to a folder on your device, USB drive or network share:

If you’re not ready to upgrade to iOS 13 yet, there are other improvements for you:

  • thanks to Handoff support, you can transfer your play list across your devices
  • there are some options to decide how Soundwaves should handle the tracks cache

Soundwaves 1.40

Soundwaves 1.40 is out on the App Store.

This release brings these changes:

  • There’s a new option to show local notifications when a song starts and Soundwaves is in backgroud
  • Folder contents won’t be sorted alphabetically if there are subfolders, as long as the folder contains a single album