TabView 1.18

TabView 1.18 has been released.

This version axes a couple of bugs:

  • Fixed a print problem that happened on Leopard when the print dialog was showing the page thumbnail.
  • MIDI export created unreadable files on several OS X versions due to a bug in a system function*. A different way to perform the same operation has been implemented in order to work around the problem.

*namely MusicSequenceSaveSMFData(). I do hope they’ll fix it for good one day…

2 Comments for “TabView 1.18”



Please, know it is a cool idea to play tabs, but tabView
is very quirky, and while it ignores, many notes, it also adds.

good luck on your next version.



In case of problems, please use the contact form to report the details or write a mail to the address specified in the help (attaching the ptb file that gives you problem might help).

Anyway, TabView doesn’t add notes that aren’t there 😉 nor it ignores notes (unless there’s no “guitar in” symbol in the tab, but that’s how the PowerTab format works). However, if you do find a tab that doesn’t work as expected, please forward it and I’ll look into it.