TabView 1.32

An updated TabView is ready for download.

This release improves the stability during MIDI playback, by fixing a couple of issues that were reported by users.

2 Comments for “TabView 1.32”

Gerrit Oostergetel


I have a problem with TabView just bought. It does not print properly. All the poles of the notes are in the down dircetion. Also the connection stripes between notes are not good.
I have download End of a Holiday (Fairport Convention, transcribed bij Henk Mosseveld). As browsers I use Safari or Firefox. Both give the same problems. On this way it is not possible to use TabView.



The next update will address this issue, by implementing the same algorithm already used by Tablatures: when a bar contains both high and low melodies, low melody notes will point downwards, hi melody ones will point upwards.