Tablatures 2.0 moves to the Mac App Store

Tablatures 2.0 has just been released, exclusively on the Mac App Store.

Starting with this version, Tablatures requires an Intel Mac with OS X 10.6.6 or later. Apart from fixing a few minor bugs, Tablatures 2.0 adds support for 64-bit systems and supports document versioning on Lion.

Version 1.41 will remain available for those who cannot (or wish not to) access the Mac App Store, but it won’t be upgradeable.

2 Comments for “Tablatures 2.0 moves to the Mac App Store”

Geraldo Xavier


I think is unfair a customer who has bought your software since the 1.34 version is unable to receive at least a discount to migrate to an app store version. I don’t ask you to migrate it for free, but people who bought your software and believe in it as a great software, don’t receive a thankful by the developer to support him in the beginning.
Best regards.



the Mac App Store price has been reduced for everyone. Sadly, Apple doesn’t provide any way for publishers to offer a discount to previous users.