Tablatures 2.6

Tablatures 2.6 has just been released on the Mac App Store.

This version adds some new features:

  • Keyboard shortcuts can be customised in the Preferences window
  • Notes can be easily moved from string to string (see the Note menu)
  • It’s now possible to view .gpx tablatures

4 Comments for “Tablatures 2.6”

Paul van Wering


I have just bought a new computer and tried to copy my purchased version of Tablatures to it but it tells me its a demo version only and cannot open Guitar Pro files.

Is this correct and must I buy a new copy of the program?

It doesn’t seem right.





no, you don’t need to buy it a new copy, unless you want to upgrade to the new version.

I’ll send you a copy of your license by email.

j d west


Bought new version thru App Store, need Reg Key. Help!



If you bought it on the Mac App Store and it complains about being a demo version, it means that the Tablatures application you’re using is not the one from the Mac App Store, but the one downloaded from my website or elsewhere. The one from the App Store doesn’t require any keyfile.

You might want to look in the Applications folder to see if you spot a second Tablatures (perphaps in a Tablatures folder).

Otherwise, to make sure that the App Store doesn’t get confused, you can simply delete Tablatures, empty the trash and download it again. You won’t need to buy it again, of course: you’ll find it in your purchased apps section of the App Store.